Locked Outa Facebook

For the past year or so, I've been locked out of my Facebook account, and I can't seem to get it recovered. This all started when I attempted to create a Facebook Marketplace post to sell a motorcycle. I've never been a big Facebook user, and it had probably been a year or two since my last login. I was able to create the Marketplace post, but a few minutes after making the post, I got notified that my account was locked due to suspicious activity. I assume the suspicious activity was just that my account was inactive for a fairly long time and then made a Marketplace post, so I can understand why it got flagged. The real problem, however, is that the process for recovering my account appears to be broken.

When I try to recover my account, everything appears to work as expected. They send a message to my email, and after going a few captchas, they ask to set a new password. When I try to set a new password, however, I always get an error when submitting the form. I've tried this over a dozen times, using different computers (Windows and Linux), different browsers (Firefox, Chromium, Edge), different new passwords, and each time Facebook just says that an error occurred and to try again later.

So at this point, I've given up. Facebook sucks anyway, so it's not the biggest loss, but certainly annoying. So if you're looking for me on Facebook, I'm not intentionally avoiding people. Feel free to hit me up over email.